We are dedicated Norwich Terrier breeders located in Northern California.  Windsor Norwich Terriers was established in the 1990’s as an extension of our love for the Norwich Terrier breed and our hobby of showing and breeding these delightful little terriers.  We are dedicated to producing quality Norwich Terriers from health tested champion bloodlines.  We have bred top winning Norwich in both the U.S. and Canada.

Any breeding that we may do at Windsor is done for the sole purpose of improving the breed.  We take our responsibility as Norwich Terrier breeders, very seriously and as such, we carefully breed our dogs for exceptional health and temperament while keeping the breed standard in mind.  Any dogs that are not included in our breeding program are carefully placed in loving homes.

We invite you to visit each and every page of our website.  Get to know the
ever-charming Norwich Terrier, learn how to tell a good breeder from a bad one, and view our fun gallery of Norwich Terrier photos!


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Leo knows spring is near and is expecting 2013 to be “an excellent year!”

Rosie’s sweet expression looks like she’s smiling!

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